I offer confidential therapy in a private setting in the heart of Edinburgh.

As a fully qualified, experienced and insured counsellor, I am a registered member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy ("BACP').  I offer an initial meeting to allow us to explore your questions about counselling and work out the next steps.

I work with young people and adults both on a short-term basis, where there may be something specific you would like to focus on, or on a long-term basis, where the work tends to be more about personal growth.

Counselling and psychotherapy

Counselling and psychotherapy are talking therapies that offer the possibility of finding out more about ourselves and gaining insight and understanding into our relationships.

Increasingly, there is support for talking therapies from neuroscientific and other evidence-based research.

Counselling tends to be short-term work usually on a specific issue that may be more solution-focussed. While psychotherapy may be longer-term work at a deeper level that may be more about personal growth.

Bringing yourself to therapy with a sense of curiosity and a willingness to learn from your experience creates the possibility of finding a way to be at home with yourself.

“We all benefit from connecting with ourselves and each other at a deeper level”

About me

I completed my postgraduate diploma in counselling, followed by a Masters Degree at The University of Edinburgh. My research focused specifically on how a therapist’s own experience of being a-client-in-therapy influences and informs their working with a client.

Before training as a counsellor, I studied and practiced law working in private law firms and large corporates at a senior level. This experience allows me to understand the context of organisational dynamics and bring insight into the conflicting demands of a working life and the far-reaching impact this can have on one’s life and health.

My clinical work is underpinned by rigorous academic and clinical training, ongoing supervision, continuing professional development, life experience and my own analytic therapy.

For me working as a therapist is no less than a privilege.

Leanne Prowse Counselling Psychotherapy - BA (Psych.), LLB, M.Couns., PGDip, MBACP

Is therapy for you?

Leanne Prowse Counselling Psychotherapy - BA (Psych.), LLB, M.Couns., PGDip, MBACP

You do not need to be depressed or anxious or have visited your GP before seeking my help.

You may be worried or struggling with something specific. Is there something hurting that you want to change?

You may feel you do not have a voice in your life or understand how what has happened in your life has affected you?

You may worry about how you impact on your relationships or about how you may be repeating patterns in your relationships that feel destructive?

You may find you go through life with a sense of dread, unable to say what the matter is or find the words?

I have experience of working with: depression, anxiety, abandonment, loss, bereavement, trauma and PTSD, emotional and sexual abuse, anger; issues arising in relation to inter-personal relationships, relocating and living in a foreign culture, work-related matters, drugs and alcoholism, sexuality and sexual orientation amongst others.

An initial meeting would allow us to think about your questions, what you are looking for and work out the next steps for you.

My Approach

Therapy happens through the conversations between you and me in the context of the therapeutic relationship. We talk about anything you wish to bring; exploring how you see and experience yourself, your relationships and the world.

I am trained in both the person-centred and psychodynamic modalities.  My practice tends to be mostly psychodynamic - this means thinking about underlying issues and exploring how they may link to why you feel and act the way you do. An area of focus may be how patterns of relating learned from early significant relationships in the past may be being repeated in the present.

Leanne Prowse Approach

I offer an initial meeting where we explore what you are hoping to get from engaging in the therapeutic process.  We will think about what you are looking for and whether the way I work may be helpful to you. If we agree to work together, this will usually be at the same time each week.


Leanne Prowse Counselling Psychotherapy - BA (Psych.), LLB, M.Couns., PGDip, MBACP

My training at the University of Edinburgh is accredited by COSCA (Scotland’s professional body for counselling and psychotherapy).

I am a registered member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy and adhere to the BACP’s updated ethical framework, formally adopted on 1 July 2018. You will find it here: Ethical Framework for the Counselling Professions

All my work is fully supervised.

“Therapy is about finding a way to be at home with ourselves”


Initial meeting
Initial sessions are 1 hour.
In exceptional circumstances, I may offer a concessionary rate.
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Regular sessions
Regular sessions are 50 minutes.
In exceptional circumstances, I may offer a concessionary rate.
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Contact me

You will be able to see from the calendar the dates and times that are available for an appointment.

The calendar will also allow you to book an appointment online and that will be confirmed by email.

If we decide to work together we will discuss a regular appointment slot, usually at the same time on the same day each week.

For more information call 07748 653 676.

Currently, I have limited spaces available, please call me if you are looking for an appointment.

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“It is difficult to find the words to describe the impact of therapy - I was able to gather together pieces of me and that helped me feel joined up again.”

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